Heron Lake and its watershed face many of the same problems as other rural, agricultural areas. Point and nonpoint source pollution, intensive tillage, non-compliant septic systems, feedlots, and urban stormwater runoff must be addressed to improve water quality in the watershed. The HLWD's challenge is to increase awareness of these problems through education efforts such as newsletters, workshops, and presentations. 


SW MN Soils and Cover Crop Winter Workshop


Tillage and CoverCrop Workshop

Water in Southwest Minnesota

Shared Leadership

Where Does Your Water Go?


HLWD Cover Crop Efforts - MPCA Internal Meeting 


Property and Project Site Tour

ENRTF BMP Site-Seeing Event Summary and Project Brochure

Findings and Recommendations for Corn Belt Farmers

Useful2Usable Transforming Climate Variability and Change Information for Cereal Crop Producers


Conversations about Cover Crops

Cover Crop Learning Tour

Rain Garden Open House

Linking Land Use and Water Quality Workshops


Sediment Reduction Bus Tour


Cover Crop Champions Field Day

HLWD Bus Tour

Rain Garden Field Trip

Manure Management Workshop

Aquatic Invasive Species Public Education Meeting


Cover Crop Demonstration Project Field Day 11/7

PEBC Water World Field Trip 6/7

Conservation Tillage Demonstration Plot Results Workshop 3/22 


Minnesota Association of Watershed District Annual Meeting 12/1

Cover Crop Demonstration Plot Field Day 11/10

Heron Lake Tour 9/21

Fulda Lakes Tour 6/22

Ecology Bus Tour 6/15

Sediment Reduction Workshop 6/14

Wildlife Habitat Workshop 6/11


HLWD 40th Anniversary 8/10

Conservation Tillage Field Day 8/10

Praire Ecology Bus Eco-Tour 6/10

Conservation Drainage Workshop 2/10