HLWD Advisory Committee


The HLWD utilizes a committee that receives updates and provides input on HLWD activities. The HLWD Advisory Committee is a statutory requirement. This committee meets on a quarterly basis to consider issues pertinent to the watershed district and generate new ideas and approaches. 

Committee members include Paul Pietz, watershed landowner; David Dieter, watershed landowner; Larry Janssen, City of Worthington; Jim Eigenberg, Jackson County Commissioner; Jerry Ackermann, watershed landowner; Allen Jensen, watershed landowner; Naomi Hill, watershed landowner; Kevin Stevens, Cottonwood County Commissioner; Andy Geiger, Jackson County Water Plan Coordinator; Dave Thiner, Murray County Commissioner; Doug Goodrich, BWSR; Katherine Pekarek-Scott, MPCA; Jerry Christopherson, NHLGPA; Jean Christoffels, Murray County Water Plan Coordinator; Julie Lopez, watershed landowner; Matt Widboom, Nobles County Commissioner; John Shea, Nobles SWCD; Chris Bauer and Dave Hussong, Jackson SWCD; Shelly Lewis and Mona Henkels, Murray SWCD; Kay Gross and Clark Lingbeek, Cottonwood SWCD; Brian Nyborg, DNR Wildlife; and Tom Kresko, DNR Hydrologist.