Minnesota Corn Coordinated Agricultural Program

This project integrates research, extension and education, builds capacity for extension to address climate change needs of stakeholders, and prepares the next generation of scientists for interdisciplinary research on the intersection of agriculture and climate.

HLWD responsibilities include one-on-one contact with farmers to gather information regarding their farming practices and semi-annual meetings to review the research information. This data will be entered in the iFARM computer model.

  • Funded through USDA Institute of Food and Agriculture administered by the University of Minnesota
  • Timeframe – 2011 to 2016
  • Grant  funds - $83,000.00


Useful2Usable Transforming Climate Variability and Change Information for Cereal Crop Producers

Findings and Recommendations for Corn Belt Farmers webinar

Researchers with the Climate and Corn-based Cropping Systems Coordinated Agricultural Project have documented 130 findings, from research which focused on field practices that had the potential of making these cropping systems more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Some of these findings are explored in this webinard, which first aired on February 11, 2016. Speaker topics include cover crops, drainage water management, tillage, extended crop rotations, and farmer perceptions about climate change.