* Fulda Phosphorus Reduction Initiative


Overall Goal: Instill a sense of personal responsibility for the two lakes in the Fulda area by engaging local organizations and the general public in the awareness of effect of water pollution to the Fulda Lakes through unique educational displays, hands-on opportunities, and various printed media.

Project Goal 1: Provide educational materials and information to approximately 50 individuals.

Project Goal 2: Hire landscaper(s) to install five rain gardens within the City of Fulda.

Project Goal 3: Coordinate the planting of five rain gardens within the City of Fulda.

Project Goal 4: Increase community awareness through an open house, newsletter, and by other news media.

  • Funded through the Environmental Protection Agency Section 319 grant program administered by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Timeframe – August 1, 2011 to August 31, 2015
  • Grant funds - $12,600.00
  • Inkind match (HLWD and partners) - $14,973.00
  • Total project cost - $27,573.00

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