* Heron Lake Area Conservation Partnership


The HLACP will permanently protect 402 acres of prairie and wetlands within the Heron Lake watershed in southwest Minnesota. The HLACP will use conservation easements and fee-title land acquisition to protect and restore high-value wetland and prairie lands identified as critical habitat for many Species of Greatest Conservation Need. The HLWD will hire a Conservation Technician to proactively contact prospective landowners, explain options for flood-prone land, build relationships to develop conservation opportunities, and assist with implementation. Tracts will be targeted within priority areas using a combination of conservation plans and models. Local coordination and outreach to develop partnerships with landowners and local officials is key to project success.
•Funded by Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council
•Timeframe: 2020-2027
•Grant funds: $4,493,000.00
•Match: $159,400.00