JD 3 Lateral A


Location: The JD 3 Lateral A begins at the outlet of the existing Main Open Ditch located in the northeast quarter of the SE ¼ NE ¼ of Section 25 of West Heron Lake Township and runs generally southerly to the north of Okabena Road in the SE ¼ SE ¼ of Section 25 of West Heron Lake Township.
Size: The JD 3 Lateral A watershed provides drainage to approximately 145 acres.
Proposal: The goal of the petition is to connect property which is currently served by the system and assessed benefits in order to provide an adequate outlet to existing Main Open Ditch.
Estimated cost: $86,000.00
Status: The petition was submitted to the HLWD on August 4, 2020 and forwarded to legal counsel for review. It was also submitted to Jackson County. Kevin Nordquist provided a certification of petitioners on August 10. HLWD legal counsel determined that the petition meets legal requirements and conveyed that information to the HLWD via correspondence dated August 11. The petition was accepted and the Order Appointing Engineer was approved by the Board of the HLWD on August 19. Currie State Bank was contacted on August 20 regarding a line of credit for this petitioned project. The Order Appointing Engineer was sent to ISG on August 25.