The following activities require a permit prior to initiation of the activity:
   * Installation of agricultural best management practices that require lad alternation including surface tile intakes, terraces, waterways, and diversions that have not been designed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service 
   * Installation of new surface tile intakes and catch basins
   * Disposal of snow within the shore impact zone
   * The installation or creation of impervious surface  
   * Earth moving projects involving more than 200 cubic yards of excavation or fill; or which disturbs more than 10,000 square feet of soil, and which project, or any part thereof, is located:
       * within 300 feet of a stream, storm sewer catch basin, drainage tile intake, or a wetland; or,
       * within 1,000 feet of a lake.

For more information, please see Rules and Regulations in the menu to the right.

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