HLWD Project 2


Location: Sections 1, 2, 11, 12, and 14 in LaCrosse Township and Section 7 in Weimer Township

Size: 985 acres

Project: open ditch and drain tile system with two tile branches

Status: Project was constructed in 1973 by the HLWD (formerly known as the Middle Des Moine Watershed District). The redetermination of benefits (ROB) was ordered on March 20, 2017. The Findings and Order Approving the ROB was signed on August 14, 2017.

On December 9, 2019, Kent Freking and Jason Freking stopped at the HLWD office for an update on the televising for HLWD Project 2. Jan Voit contacted Chuck Brandel, ISG. ISG's camera had to be repaired. They are talking with Dirt Merchant, Inc. to see if they can dig so the televising can be completed.

Dave Macek contacted Kent, Jason, and Ryan Freking regarding this project on December 9. He provided Jan Voit with an update. There are several items that need to be addressed. They include: 1) Jason Freking prefers that no digging be done on his property. Chuck Brandel has informed him that the will review the original plans. There may be no way to avoid digging in his field. 2) Where has the system been televised/excavated/tile size determined? 3) What is left to televise/excavate/determine tile size and on which properties? 4) Can assessments be charged for all the years where the "private tile" was not considered part of the public system?

On October 20, 2020, Jan Voit met with Chuck Brandel and Jacob Rischmiller, ISG and Ron Ringquist. Discussion was held regarding the redetermination of benefits (ROB) for HLWD Project 2. ISG will run a model for storm events on the system so a determination can be made regarding the effects of runoff from the Don Liepold property. Once the information is available, we will meet again to discuss.

The viewers filed their report on November 20. The spreadsheet was updated with correct address information. On November 24, the viewers, ISG, and Louis Smith were contacted regarding potential dates for the landowner meeting and hearing.

At the December meeting, the Board approved the Order and Notice of Public Hearing. The notice was sent to Tri County News for publication. On December 28, an information packet was compiled and sent to HLWD Project 2 landowners. The landowner meeting will be held on January 11. The hearing will be held on January 27. Both meetings will have the option of attending in person, by Microsoft Teams, or by phone.