* SHL TMDL Implementation Phase 2


Efforts will be focused on Jackson County Judicial Ditch 3 (JD3), which has been petitioned to the HLWD for improvement. JD 3 drains 52 percent of the South Heron Lake Watershed, highlighting its importance in making meaningful progress toward water pollution reduction. The practices include 11 water and sediment control basins and a 10-acre storage and treatment wetland restoration, which are proven to cost-effectively reduce phosphorus. The project also provides added benefits, such as erosion reduction, improved wildlife habitat, and protection from flooding. The practices provide a total phophorus load reduction of 2,372 pounds annually.

  • Funded by Clean Water Fund, administered through the Board of Water and Soil Resources
  • Timeframe: 2019 to 2022
  • Grant funds: $61,500.00
  • Cash match: $126,500.00
  • Total project cost: $188,000.00

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