* WFDMR Targeting and Prioritizing Endeavor


Goal: Through the WFDMR Targeting and Prioritizing Endeavor, the HLWD will build upon the terrain analysis products developed by Southwest Prairie Technical Service Area 5 (SWPTSA 5) and extend the data products to include BMP sutability, BMP effectiveness, and BMP value datasets. The outcome of this project will be GIS datasets, summary maps, and a technical memorandum describing the suitability for BMP placement, effect of implementation on priority resources, and the measurable cost-effectiveness of pursuing opportunities to implement BMPs. All of these methods are complimentary to implementation, restoration, and protection strategies identified within the WRAPS process and will aid local civic engagement efforts.

  • Funded through a Clean Water Partnership grant administered by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Timeframe: June 15, 2015 to June 30, 2018
  • Grant funds: $21,955.00
  • Cash match: $21,955.00
  • Inkind match: $5,210.00
  • Total project cost: $49,120.00

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